Inauguration of 400 kV Second Largest Inaruwa Substation by Prime Minister


We are making some historic and important decisions soon to end the perception of being against forest development: Prime Minister

Kathmandu – Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has announced that all preparations have been completed to declare full electrification of the country within the next one and a half years. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the Inaruwa Substation in Sunsari on Friday, he referred to it as a significant day and mentioned that the day would arrive soon.

Prime Minister Dahal said, “With the guidelines of the Nepalese government, along with the plans of the Nepal Electricity Authority and the support of the Nepali people, has significantly boosted the energy sector of Nepal. Currently, enthusiastic efforts are underway to generate, transmit, and distribute electricity, not just for lighting homes and settlements but also to illuminate prosperity and bring light to the entire country.



Prime Minister Dahal has revealed that during his past leadership, the government, under his guidance, has freed the public from the darkness of load shedding, which had been a burden for ages. He mentioned that the journey towards an illuminated Nepal has progressed. He also made it clear that the government, to increase the consumption of domestically produced electricity, had recently approved a comprehensive plan related to electricity consumption growth through the cabinet. This, he stated, is a significant directive aimed at increasing electricity consumption.

Prime Minister Dahal has mentioned that Nepal has created opportunities to generate electricity from rivers, not only to fulfill the lighting needs of urban and rural areas but also to sell surplus electricity to neighboring countries and earn foreign currency. He stated, “The good news is that by exporting electricity generated within the country throughout the year, there has been a savings of more than 15 billion rupees in terms of electricity imports from India. As our nation is ready to actively participate in the practical implementation of the policy of increased use of renewable energy and zero carbon emission, there is immense potential for hydroelectric power in our country. We need to pay special attention to this aspect.”

An approximately 4,000-megawatt capacity substation has been inaugurated, which can facilitate the flow of electricity. The Electricity Authority has informed that, through this substation, in addition to supplying electricity to the national transmission system, local supply will also be provided. This substation is proposed to facilitate electricity trade with India for Inaruwa–Purnia 400 kV international transmission line and Inaruwa–Anaramani 400 kV transmission line for trade between Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. Prime Minister Dahal highlighted that the Inaruwa substation, serving as a significant hub, has been established for East-West electricity supply and to enhance electricity flow to and from India, supporting regional electricity trade.