Inaruwa substation drowned , equipment damaged


Kathmandu, 20 October 2021. The 400 KV and 220 ÷ 132 ÷ 33 KV Inaruwa substations under construction in Bhokraha Narasimha village municipality of Sunsari have been inundated due to the flood in Sunsari River along with incessant rains. The Sunsari River has caused great damage when it entered the substation. Both the substations were being constructed with the aim of completing and operating (charging) within the next Push (December 2021).

The flood has washed away the compound wall of the substation. Devices placed for connection are submerged. Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) MD Kulman Ghising informed that some equipments were washed away and the office building was also submerged in the flood. “Currently, the river is being damaged due to the river flowing inside the substation. The substation has turned into a lake. It is not possible to go there. The staff and workers have been evacuated by boat with the help of security personnel,” Ghising said.

Most of the civil structures of 400 KV and 220 ÷ 132 ÷ 33 KV substations have been completed. Also, main equipments like transformer, reactor circuit breaker were brought to the construction site. All the equipment was damaged due to the floods.