Govt eyes implementation of energy crisis work plan

    The government has started preparatory process for laying the groundwork for policy level management with a goal set on implementing the ‘Energy Crisis Related Work Plan 2072’.

    The government announced the energy crisis related work plan during mid February with objective to generate 10,000 megawatt of electricity in a decade and fully end the energy burden within the next two years. The Ministry of Energy has formed three various committees to proceed with the implementation phase of the work plan.

    Energy Ministry Spokesperson Dr Sanjaya Sharma said the committee under coordination of Joint Secretary Dinesh Ghimire has been delegated the task of making necessary management related to transmission line.

    Another committee headed by Spokesperson Sharma will oversee Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) while a committee under coordination of Joint Secretary Kailash Chandra Subedi will do the works related to formulating various laws and acts.

    The government has advanced the concept of construction and ownership transfer system in connection of construction of the transmission line. The private sector’s involvement in constructing transmission line will be sought by the government.

    The government also plans to finalize a work plan for allowing the private sector to import electricity through the transmission line they develop by paying the transmission charge. The government will appoint Nepal Electricity Authority deputy executive director duo Surendra Raj Bhandari and Kanhaiyalal Manandhar as members under a coordination led by Joint Secretary in this regard.

    The committee headed by Spokesperson and Joint Secretary Sharma has already expedited works for developing necessary work plan to purchase all energy and thereby end the controversy marring the subject of PPA.

    The committee will create a base for decision on whether or not to hold PPA in foreign currency, the sort of process to be adopted in the case, and setting benchmark on evaluating the losses. The country has witnessed widespread clamour from various sectors in opposition to holding PPA in USD.

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