Government Appoints Dr. Ram Prasad Dhital as Chairman of Electricity Regulatory Commission


The government has decided to appoint Dr. Ram Prasad Dhital as the Chairman of the Electricity Regulatory Commission (ERC). In a Cabinet meeting held on Friday evening (Jun 21,2024), it was decided to appoint Dr. Madhusudan Adhikari and Jhamak Prasad Sharma as members, along with Dhital, of the Commission.

Dhital, who has been contributing to the government and stakeholders in the policy making of the energy sector for almost 3 and a half decades, has already completed his duties as a member of the Commission for about 3 years. Similarly, Dr. has completed the duties of the Executive Director of Alternative Energy Promotion Center(AEPC). Officials are also considered to be strong people in policy making and plan implementation.

Dhital and Adhikari, who have been contributing to policy making, plan implementation and monitoring in the field of energy development for decades, are now seen as faces that can strengthen the image of the commission. By institutionalizing the achievements so far, the new officials have to take some concrete steps in the entire energy development and facilitation of the private sector.

According to the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, due to legal disputes, women members could not be appointed in the competition for one woman and two members, including the vacant chairperson. Gautam Dangol, one of the members of the commission, which has 4 members including the chairman, is still in charge.

Earlier, Bhagirathi Gyawali, a female member of the Commission, applied again after her tenure ended. Among the women, along with Gyawali, Shakuntala Dhakal Marhatta and Jenny Puri also applied. Dhakal, who was shortlisted, did not participate in the action plan presentation, while Puri was not shortlisted.

After the term of office of the commission officer ended on May 7th, the ministry opened applications from interested candidates for 3 members including the chairman on 8th May. 8 people applied for chairman and 11 people applied for membership. Arjunjung Thapa, Chandra Singh Saud, Dili Bahadur Singh, Dr. Adhikari, Moti Bahadur Kunwar and Dr. Dhital were shortlisted. Similarly, the members include Krishna Singh Basnet, Chudamani Chapagain, Jairaj Bhandari, Jhamak Prasad Sharma, Gyawali, Dr. Adhikari, Dhakal and Suresh Bahadur Bhattarai were selected.