Environment Committee holds meeting with Investment Board


    Kathmandu, Nov 10:  The Environment Committee under the Legislature-Parliament has acquired the activities of the projects carried out by the Investment Board.

    Today’s meeting of the committee urged the concerned bodies to be serious on the environmental issues while running big projects related to physical infrastructure development.

    While taking part in the meeting, most of the lawmakers paid concern over the process and methodology of the projects.

    Similarly, the committee asked the board about its activities and progress related to debris management in Kathmandu Valley, Kathmandu Metro Rail and fertilizer industry.

    The lawmakers asked the Board about the Power Development Agreement (PDA) for the construction of the upper Karnali Hydropower Project to be held between the Investment Board Nepal and the Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao (GMR) Construction Company.

    Similarly, lawmakers raised queries that either the board creates environment or invests in the projects.

    Lawmakers Dr Duman Sing Thapa, Man Bahadur BK, Kamala BK, Durga Magar, Rajaram Syangtan, Madan Amatya, Resham Lama, Parshu Ram Tamang, Sarita Prasain, Radhika Tamang and Hariraj Banshi took part in the meeting.

    All the preparations for the PDA for the 900 MW Upper Karnali Hydropower Project is in the final phase, it is learnt.

     No capacity to run big Projects: Panta

    While speaking meeting of the committee, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Radhesh Panta said that the country needs foreign investment to run big projects. He further said that they were doing their best to run different projects in the country.

    He clarified that the promoters companies agreed with the board would be nullified if they do not begin works within two years as per the agreement.

    CEO Panta said that the country would move on the way to prosperity within ten years if the political environment favors the developmental activities.

    Panta assured that the construction works of the  West Seti Hydro Project would begin very soon.

    Source : The Rising Nepal