The detailed project report (DPR) for Pancheshwore Multi-purpose Project has been completed showing it can generate 5040 MW. The DPR prepared by consultant WAPCOS India Limited has put the installed capacity of the project at 4800 MW and showed that the regulating dam at Rupaligad will generate 240 MW.

    The project will cost Rs 500 billion and will generate 12.20 billion units of electricity annually. The DPR has put the per MW cost of the project at Rs 99.20 million. The earlier DPR has put installed capacity of the project at 6480 MW and annual generation at 12.33 billion units. WAPCOS gave additional information about the installed capacity and cost of the project presenting the draft of DPR in the third Nepal-India Secretary Level Joint Governing Council meeting that started in Kathmandu on Thursday. Energy Secretary Suman Prasad Sharma and Secretary of the Indian Ministry of Water Resources Shahsi Shekhar led the two countries in the meeting.

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pancheshwore Development Authority (PDA) Mahendra Bahadur Gurung said the DPR is in final stages and will be completed in two months. WAPCOS has said, according to him, that the project will be completed within 10 years of starting work. The meeting has approved the institutional structure of PDA and vacancy for staffers. He argued that annual energy generation will be more important than installed capacity as the project is reservoir-based.

    He revealed that the Indian side is positive about moving the project forward, and the two countries will further discuss on cost and other issues once the DPR is finalized. Consultant, he said, has sought additional suggestions to finalize the DPR. The project will move forward with agreement between officials of the two countries and the PDA after completion of the DPR.

    The Mahakali Treaty was signed on February 12, 1996 and endorsed by the then parliament of Nepal. Both the countries will equally share water and electricity from the project as per the treaty. “Both the parties may form project specific joint entity/ies for the development, execution and operation of new projects including Pancheshwore Multipurpose Project in the Mahakali River for their mutual benefit,” the treaty states.

    The project will move forward only after the two countries accept the integrated DPR. Both the countries must agree to move the project forward. Preliminary study has showed that billions can be earned from the project also through irrigation, navigation and fishery. The project will be developed in Darchula, Baitadi and Dadeldhura districts of Nepal.


    Source : Karobar Daily