Devnagar Substation Inaugurated : Brings Reliable Electricity to Bharatpur


Devnagar (Chitwan), 18th May,2024. The 33-11 KV substation constructed at Bharatpur Metropolitan City-6 Devnagar in Chitwan and the Gondrang-Devnagar 33 KV line have been inaugurated. Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality Chief Renu Dahal and Nepal Electricity Authority Managing Director Kulman Ghising jointly inaugurated the substation and transmission line on Saturday.
In the opening program, Chief Dahal said that complaints from consumers that industrial businesses were not running and fans were not running due to the new voltage in the electricity supply were addressed after the Devanagar substation came into operation.
Stating that lines and substations have been constructed with the help and support of Chitwan National Park, local residents, Dahal requested to replace bare wires with black wires in some areas and underground the wires as per the demand of the locals.
Bharatpur Municipal Corporation Deputy Chief Chitrasen Adhikari said that the construction of the substation will prove to be a milestone for the development of the western part of Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality.
Chief District Officer of Chitwan, Bhupendrajung Thapa, said that the foundation has been prepared for the settlement of complaints about the electricity supply coming from that area and the establishment of industrial factories by constructing a substation.
Ghisingh, Executive Director of the Authority, said that in the next 50 years, work has been progressed for 24-hour reliable, quality and sufficient power supply in the electricity sector of Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality.
He said that in order to address the increasing electricity demand due to rapid urbanization in the Bharatpur metropolitan area, work is being done to connect the 33 KV ring to the 123 KV substation.
Manoj Silwal, the Deputy Managing Director of the Authority’s Distribution and Customer Service Directorate, mentioned that the situation of not being able to supply electricity according to the demand and having to carry out compulsory load shedding in that area ended after the construction of the Devnagar substation. He said that now quality and sufficient electricity can be provided in that area as per the demand.
From Devanagar substation, electricity supply has been given to wards number 5, 6, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 22 and 23 of Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality. A power transformer of 24 MVA capacity has been placed in the substation, from which around 22 MW of electricity can be supplied.
The 33 KV line from the 132 KV Baseni substation located in Bharatpur Metropolitan City-11 has been tapped at Gondrang and taken to Devanagar substation via Vandevi, Salleni, Gauriganj, Baruwa, Kesharbagh. About 9.5 km 33 KV transmission line has been constructed from Gondrang to Devnagar substation. 4 feeders of 11 KV have been removed from Devanagar substation for local power supply.
After starting to supply electricity from Devanagar substation, the problem of low voltage faced by the consumers of Gauriganj, Prembasti, Shivnagar, Phulbari, Gitanagar, Patihani, Sitamai in the south-west region of Bharatpur has been solved and the supply has become sufficient, reliable, quality and safe.
33 KV lines and substations have been constructed with the investment of the Government of Nepal and the Nepal Electricity Authority and concessional loans received under the World Bank’s Grid Solar and Energy Efficiency Project (P-Case-9). Project Director/Coordinator Achyut Ghimire informed that the cost of Gondrang-Devnagar 33 KV transmission line and substation is around 10 million rupees.
Although the substation was ready, there was some delay in putting the substation into operation due to local obstacles in the construction of the line and the time required for environmental study and approval. Due to the covid-19 epidemic, problems in land acquisition, taking the transmission line through the forest in the middle area (buffer zone) of Chitwan National Park and taking time for a brief environmental impact study and approval, the construction has been delayed due to local obstacles.