Budhigandaki affected want immediate start of project work


The affected people of Budhigandaki hydropower project have requested their representatives to take initiative to start the project work immediately.

During the meeting with members of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ramnath Adhikari, who reached there for a meeting with the affected residents of Arughat and its surrounding areas, project affected people said that they want to see the 1,200 MW Budhigandaki hydroelectricity project started as soon as possible and completed in time.

The local residents requested to start the stalled construction development works in the affected areas as it will take some time to complete the project.

Umesh Shrestha of Arughat, Dhading, said that it is crucial to build the project and for that, immediate resumption of stalled infrastructural work is imperative.

Shrestha said that the compensation distribution and rehabilitation plans that have been stopped should be moved forward immediately. Sujan Shrestha of the same area said that as Arughat market is a historical market, it is necessary to shift the market to another place considering its importance.

Most of the residents of the affected areas of Gorkha and Dhading emphasised on the rehabilitation programme.

There is a complaint of the affected residents that despite getting land compensation, there is no guarantee of housing.

Raju Upreti, Chairman of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality, said that after Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal inaugurated the field office of Budhigandaki Hydropower Project Company Limited in Siurinitar, the people are excited and looking forward to its completion.

After listening to the complaints of the people, MP Adhikari said that he would put pressure on the government to start the construction of the project immediately by solving the problems of all the citizens of the affected areas.

He said that he would raise his voice for the preservation of Arughat, the old commercial centre in Tripurasundari Rural Municipality, religious monasteries and temples and their relocation in an effort to keep their importance intact.

Citing the project’s significance not limited to Gorkha and Dhading residents but crucial for the overall economic development of the country, the parliamentarian requested everyone to help from their sides for the construction of the project.

Source: The Rising Nepal