ALAS Group Signs MoU for Development of Hydropower Projects in Nepal

Piku Hydropower

ALAS Group and Pike Hydropower have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a view to pursue a collaboration in the renewable energy sector, endorsing the government of Nepal’s PPP policy (Public Private Partnership).

“Attracting foreign investors is important for our country and our future. ALAS Group has previously shown an interest in Nepal, and with their support and by signing this MoU, we hope to come closer to an agreement that will benefit our nation and the continuous improvement of our infrastructure.” said Executive Chairman of Pike Hydropower Mr. Rajendra Prasad Tiwari.

“Sustainability is deeply embedded throughout our organization as a strategic priority of the company. Being a front figure in the aviation industry and receiving a formal invitation from major stakeholders in Asia to take part in a renewable energy project is a great honor and opportunity for ALAS Group.” said Chairman of the Group, Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden.

“Signing this MoU is another important step for us as we continue our journey towards a greener tomorrow, highlighting the aviation industry’s contribution to a carbon friendly future,” he added.

Mr. Manarup Shahi, assisting on behalf of ALAS Group, expressed his gratification and welcomes a future collaboration between ALAS Group and the government of Nepal. “We’ve come a long way with our work but there’s still a lot for us to do here. We’ve previously expressed our interest in other areas including a collaboration with Nepal Airlines, and hope to continue our work with the aviation industry here in Nepal alongside future renewable projects in Asia. This MoU is just the beginning.” He said.

Mr. Manarup Shahi previously held the position as Executive Chairman / CEO of Nepal Airlines.

Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden, who previously had meetings with Mr. Yogesh Bhattarai, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation regarding aviation related projects in Asia, plans to meet with senior members from the Cabinet of Nepal to discuss future PPP related opportunities and investments.

Source : ALAS Group