4-km-tunnel built at Nyadi hydel project


    LAMJUNG: A 4-kilometre-long tunnel of the under-construction Nyadi Hydropower Project at Marshyangdi rural municipality has been completed by the project’s contractor Zhejiang Hydropower Construction and Installation Company (ZHCIC).

    According to Project Chief Uttam Amatya, the tunnel was built over 16 months since the inception of the project. At present, a 776-metre-long pen-stock pipe is also being installed.

    The project has employed more than 100 Nepali and Chinese workers.

    “Fifty percent of the construction works have concluded so far,” Amatya said, “We are striving to finish constructing structures at the dam site before onset of monsoon.”

    The Nyadi Hydropower project with an installed capacity of 30 mega watts is jointly funded by Butwal Power Company and Lamjung Electricity Development Company. The project is expected to generate electricity within 17 months.


    Source: The Himalayan Times