20-MW electricity produced from solar projects in Banke connected to national grid


Nepalgunj, Dec 14: The 20 megawatts (MW) of solar power produced in the Banke district is connected to the national transmission line.

A total of 20 MW of electricity has been generated from the two solar power projects that are built at Ghiya and Raniyapur of Khajura Rural Municipality, Banke, respectively, in the national grid.

According to Chandra Bhan Yadav, Head of the Banke’s project, the solar power projects which were constructed under Pure Energy Limited with an investment of Golyan group said that there are two projects, block A and block B, consisting of 10 megawatts of power production.  The 10 MW of electricity were already connected to the national grid in March and the remaining 10 megawatts were transmitted to the national grid.

He said that for the first time, a Nepali company called Nexus Engineering Consultancy and Construction Private Limited shouldered the construction and production work of the project in Raniyapur and completed it. This is the first time that any Nepali construction company has produced solar power.

Another project of Ghiya which was completed in March was constructed by the Indian company.

The 10 MW solar power produced by the Raniyapur solar power project was transmitted in the national transmission line with the presence of Subrat Aryal and Sitaram Sigdel, center representatives of the National Electricity Authority (NEA). There was the presence of the engineer of the NEA, Kohalpur Distribution Center Jitendra Shah.

Prabin Aryal, Chief Executive Officer of Golyan Group, said that six solar electricity project has been started to produce 60 MW of electricity in three districts of the Lumbini Province. Of the three projects, 20 MW of electricity already has been produced in two projects of Banke.

Source: Rising Nepal