Upper Marsyangdi-A to be finished by 2015-end


    50-MW Upper Marsyangdi ALAMJUNG, NOV 06 – The construction of the Upper Marsyangdi-A Hydropower Project in Bhulbhule, Lamjung has picked up pace, and project officials expect it to be completed in the next 13 months.

    Work on the 50 MW project started in January 2013, and since then 70 percent of the tunnel digging works, 75 percent of the powerhouse construction and 60 percent of the civil works have been completed.

    Karna Adhikari, assistant manager of the project, said more than 45 percent of the project had been completed. Its estimated cost is Rs 10 billion. The Upper Marsyangdi-A has experienced work stoppages lasting more than one and a half months with project employees staging protests demanding a hike in their perks and benefits.

    In order to make up for lost time and finish the project within the stipulated date, the project has mobilized a rush crew of 1,100 workers (500 Nepalis and 200 Chinese).

    Sino Hydro, the main developer of the project, said they would start generating electricity by the end of 2015. “We are in a position to complete the project within the stipulated time.”

    The dam and tunnel digging works are expected to be completed within a couple of months. The dam has been built at the border between Bhulbhule 5 and 6, and water will be brought to the powerhouse at Bhulbhule 3 through a 5-km-long tunnel. The run-of-the-river project is being implemented by China’s Sino Hydro and its Nepali partner Sagarmatha Power Company. It has signed a power purchase agreement with the Nepal Electricity Authority for 6.95 cents per unit.

    Source : eKantipur