Power Trade Between Nepal and Bangladesh Will Begin Soon, Says Indian Envoy Srivastava


The Indian ambassador to Nepal, Naveen Srivastava, said that Nepal will soon be able to export electricity to Bangladesh through India. He said that this will be the first sub-regional-level energy trade in the region.

He claimed that Nepal is working closely with India and Bangladesh to sell electricity to Bangladesh via an Indian transmission line.

Ambassador Srivastava stated that India and Nepal are going forward with the development of hydropower in Nepal while speaking at a seminar on foreign direct investment (FDI) on Nepal held by the Association of Former Career Ambassador of Nepal (AFCAN) and Center for Diplomacy and Development (CDD).

In recent years, hydropower development in Nepal has advanced significantly thanks to India and Nepal. He said that the 900 Arun III project is currently being built by the state-owned Sutlej corporation in India, with an early completion goal.

According to Ambassador Srivastav, the business has also built 490 Arun-4 in collaboration with the Nepal Electricity Authority. He also mentioned that West Seti is being invested in by an Indian enterprise.

Source: Newspotlight