Nepal-Bangladesh Power Deal: Swift Progress in Power Purchase Agreement for Electricity Export This Year

Bangladesh had been negotiating with India for augmentation of flows in Nepal

Kathmandu,  February. The electricity sales negotiations between Nepal Electricity Authority and Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) have progressed positively.

In order to export electricity to Bangladesh from the coming rainy season, it has been agreed to sign an electricity sales agreement as soon as possible within two years.

The team led by the Managing director of the authority, Kulman Ghising, and the bid (BPDB) evaluation committee under the BPDB held a meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh on Thursday.
Kulman Ghising, managing director of the Authority, said that every point to be included in the power purchase agreement was discussed in detail and it was agreed to conclude the agreement soon.

“BPDB submitted a bid with the results of electricity sales as requested by us according to the regulation law there, we discussed in detail the points to be included in the proposal and the contract”, Ghising said. “They also have to get approval from the higher authorities, and after completing the approval process as quickly as possible, an agreement has been reached to purchase electricity from Nepal from the next rainy season.”

The authority has sent a proposal to Bangladesh to export electricity up to 40 megawatts during the six months of the rainy season from 15 June to 15 November every year. The power purchase agreement is going to be for five years. An agreement will be signed so that Nepal will export electricity from India’s Barampur-Veramara transmission line through the Dhalkebar-Muzaffpur 400 KV cross boarder transmission line.