KU and NOC Collaborate to Bring Nepal its First Hydrogen Car


The Kathmandu University (KU) has introduced the ‘Hydrogen Car’ for the first time in Nepal.

The university has brought the hydrogen-fuelled car – made by Hyundai in Korea – with the help of Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC).

Vice Chancellor of the KU Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa said that the KU is proud to introduce hydrogen cars in Nepal.

He said that according to the agreement with the NOC, the university has brought in a hydrogen car to demonstrate that such a car can be driven on the roads of Nepal.

Prof. Thapa said that in order to use hydrogen as an alternative fuel, the government should make preparations from its side as well.

Assistant Professor of the KU and Head of the Green Hydrogen Lab Dr. Biraj Singh Thapa claimed that the hydrogen car introduced by the university on Saturday was the first hydrogen car in Nepal.

“Two years ago, we had an agreement with the NOC to show that hydrogen can be used as an alternative fuel in Nepal.

The agreement also aimed to support in the creation of hydrogen-related policies, and exhibit that hydrogen cars can be driven on the roads of Nepal,” he said.

Dr. Thapa said that the KU has bought the hydrogen car at the cost of US$ 33,000 (Rs. 4.38 million). Two years ago, an agreement was made between the KU and NOC to provide a financial support of Rs. 50 million for the establishment of a hydrogen lab and refueling center.

According to Dr. Thapa, efforts are being made to inaugurate the hydrogen car introduced by KU by the Prime Minister.

He said that a model refuelling centre has been established within the university premises for refueling the hydrogen cars.

“The law does not recognise hydrogen, the traffic management department does not have the practice of giving number plates to vehicles running on hydrogen, and since hydrogen is not defined as a fuel in Nepal, it is necessary for the government to pay attention to this,” Dr. Thapa said.

Source: Rising Nepal