CM Yadav Calls for Expedited Efforts in Irrigation Dam Construction


Janakpurdham, June 2: Saroj Kumar Yadav, Chief Minister of Madhes Province Government, has issued directives to expedite the progress of the Morha Paving Dam, a crucial component of the Jamuni Irrigation Project situated in Hansapur Municipality of Dhanusha. During a site visit on Saturday, Chief Minister Yadav urged the construction company to accelerate the pace of work, noting concerns over the timely completion of the concrete dam in Wards 4 and 9 of Morha.

Accompanied by a team from the vigilance centre, Chief Minister Yadav personally inspected the project site, underscoring the state government’s commitment to its successful implementation.

Highlighting the pivotal role of agriculture in the development of Madhes, Chief Minister Yadav emphasized the government’s prioritization of agriculture-related initiatives. He reaffirmed his dedication to overcoming any obstacles hindering the construction process. The project, with a total cost of RS. 225.53 million, saw a contract worth Rs. 10.74. During the surprise inspection, Federal MP and former minister Anita Sah, Province MP Ram Ashish Yadav, Vigilance Centre Secretary Ram Aadhar Sah, along with representatives from relevant ministries and offices, were present.

It is anticipated that approximately 1,650 households across 10 villages will benefit from the concrete dam, facilitating irrigation across 1,168 hectares of cultivable land.


Source:Rising Nepal