CIAA directs NEA to update power cut schedule


    Jan 27, 2016- The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has directed Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to update power cut schedule.

    The anti-graft body summoned the CIAA officials and issued such directive saying that there have been increasing complaints from the general public of irregular power outage.

    “The supply ceases 20 minutes before the scheduled time and resumes 20 minutes later that has put the consumers of sensitive area in trouble,” said a CIAA source. “The NEA has been directed to update the load shedding schedule accordingly because emergency services such as operation theatres in hospital and Fire-brigades operate based on the schedule which is likely to put them in trouble.”

    At the discussion, Energy Secretariat, NEA Directive General and heads of different departments admitted ‘strategic increment in the load shedding hours” to meet the demands. The officials told the CIAA that they compelled to increase power-cut without declaring in order to manage the supply and demand.

    Source : The Kathmandu Post