90% compensation distributed to land acquired for Marsyangdi dam


Tanahun, Feb. 12: Distribution of compensation for the land of the dam side of the Marsyangdi hydroelectric power plant located in Aanbukhaireni Rural Municipality of Tanahun has almost been completed.

The distribution of compensation has reached the final stage after the compensation has been decided to permanently acquire the land of various people located on the banks of the dam of the hydropower plant in Eklephant of Tanahun.

The meeting of the compensation determination committee chaired by the Chief District Officer on July 6, 2023, had decided to provide compensation for the land of 13 people and houses of five people.

According to Pashupati Gautam, chief of the centre, more than 90 per cent of the compensation has already been distributed and the rest will be completed soon. He said only the families who have not yet left their homes were not paid the compensation.

District Administration Office, Tanahun, has informed that the land compensation has been determined at the rate of Rs. 18.49 million per hectare. According to the office, around 9 ropanis and 10 anas of land will be acquired at that place.

Around Rs. 217 million will be provided for land acquisition. According to the DAO, around Rs. 178 million will be distributed for the land and Rs. 39.9 million for houses.

The project’s dam, which has a power generation capacity of 69 megawatts, decided to acquire the land after the settlement of that place was flooded and eroded.

Due to the danger of human casualties, locals of that place have been demanding compensation and relocation to a safe place.

Shukra Chuman, Chairman of Aanbukhaireni Rural Municipality, said that farmers were happy after the funds were released for the distribution of compensation, which they had been demanding.


Source: Rising Nepal